I had an interesting call the other day from a guy who asked me a question I don’t get asked much, but could be costing people a lot of money in increased car insurance rates.

Turns out the guy was riding his bike to work when he was stopped and issued a citation from a cop for failing to stay in the bike lane. The guy called me because he was concerned about how it might be reflected on his driving record – the officer took his license, wrote the ticket just like he was driving a car (though there was no car information included), and issued him a citation for the moving violation of failing to stay in his lane.

Can a Traffic Ticket You Get on a Bike Affect Your Car Insurance Rates?

Because I wasn’t completely sure of the answer I did what I normally do – I picked up the phone and called some of my resources in the traffic industry.

I ended up talking to Togawa Insurance Company, and they told me what I thought to be true – A Traffic Ticket CAN Increase Your Car Insurance Rates!

What Can You Do if You Get a Traffic Ticket on a Bicycle?

Here was the advice I gave the guy that called me (it may surprise you):

  1. Make sure you mark the box for Contested Hearing within the 15 day period;

  2. On your hearing date approach the prosecutor and tell them that you go the ticket on a bike;

  3. Ask the prosecutor to amend the citation down to a non-moving violation – some possibilities include a cell phone ticket or inattentive driving;

  4. If they’ll do that for you, take the deal;

  5. If they won’t call me up and hire me and I’ll take care of it.

In these kinds of cases I think the prosecutors are going to be open to your request – it makes sense that your car insurance rates shouldn’t be affected when you weren’t driving a car.

If the prosecutor is not cooperative, though, or, if you don’t want to spend the time doing this work, give us a call – we’ll help you out.

Thanks for reading. Talk to you soon!