Don’t Try to Talk Your Way Out of a Seattle Speeding Ticket

Whenever anyone finds out I’m a Seattle traffic lawyer, they always want to know one thing, how do I beat speeding tickets?

That is such a loaded question that the answer is never satisfying.

There are many different ways to beat a speeding ticket, all of which might apply to your case or none of which might apply to your case, depending on how your car speed was determined and what happened after you were pulled over. One thing I do always tell my friends is, you can’t hope to talk your way out of a speeding ticket.

Why Talking Your Way Out of Speeding Tickets Doesn’t Work

I know, I know, you’ve heard countless stories of people who tell you the dramatic story they told the police that got them out of their Seattle speeding ticket. Or the way the sweet talked the officer into letting them out of their speeding ticket.

But the fact of the matter is, in the end, the officer probably decided he was going to let you go the minute he first met you, and you really had nothing to do with it. What I see all the time though is that tactic backfiring and really hurting your chances of beating your ticket.

Why Talking Hurts Your Chances of Beating Your Ticket

The backfire occurs in one primary way – you have just cashed in your own guilty verdict by talking to the police officer. Assuming he does write you a ticket, when he gets back into his car he is going to write down a bunch of notes about what happened during your meeting.

Everything You Say Can and Will be Used Against You

Police officers issue thousands of traffic tickets every year, and the only way they can remember what happened in each case is by the notes they write on the back. And, if you admit you were speeding, or that you ran the red light, or that you failed to yield, you can bet he is going to take note of that and bring it up at your contested speeding ticket hearing.

The Best Way to Beat a Seattle Speeding Ticket

So, what should you do to have a chance of beating your speeding ticket?

First, of course, read this blog.

Second, call us when you get your ticket.

Third, when you do get pulled over, be courteous, say as little as possible, and don’t admit to anything.

The greatest thing that can happen for your case is the officer gets back to his car and has very little to write down on his ticket about you. The less he remembers the better. And the less statements you’ve made against yourself the easier defending that speeding ticket will be.

So, the next time you get pulled over in Seattle for speeding, fight the urge to plead your case and give an excuse for your conduct. Instead play dumb, don’t admit to anything (and don’t lie to the police – that looks even worse), and call your speeding ticket attorney as quickly as possible.

About Me: Christopher Small is an attorney at Emerald City Law Group Inc., and the author of this blog post. If you’d like to read more, click here. If you need help, call us – 206.651.4245.

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Seattle Traffic Lawyer | Cell Phone Ticket Law Ineffective

seattle traffic attorney - cell phone driving

In shocking news (hopefully the sarcasm oozes through the computer screen and onto you), Washington State Troopers today have admitted the law prohibiting motorists from talking on their cell phones while driving is largely being ignored.

The law, signed into law last year, makes it a Seattle traffic ticket to use a cell phone while driving, unless a hands free device is being used. Well, duh.

Why Isn’t Anyone Following the New Cell Phone Law?

What makes the law useless is that it is a secondary offense. This means that unless the police pull you over for something else (speeding, inattentive driving, failing to yield, etc.) they cannot cite you for the cell phone law (allegedly – ask any traffic lawyer and they’ll tell you they see these tickets all the time).

In reality it makes this law nonexistent.

Proof that the Washington State Cell Phone Ticket Law Sucks

That is reflected in the traffic citation numbers. For example, in Olympia, although 300,000 speeding tickets were issued, only 1600, or .005% of speeding stops, resulted in a cell phone traffic ticket.

The lesson here is to know what your secondary traffic violations are. If you are cited for a secondary traffic violation and nothing else, don’t call us – you don’t need our help. The ticket isn’t reported to DOL and your insurance is not affected.

About Christopher Small: I’m an attorney at Emerald City Law Group, and the author of the Emerald City Traffic Defense Blog. If you’ve got a speeding ticket and need it taken care of, give us a call at 206.651.4245.

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Welcome to Our Seattle Traffic Attorney Blog!

Welcome to the Emerald City Traffic Defense Blog. You’ve heard of us. It seems like we have mysterious powers. We walk into court every day and get speeding tickets, stop sign tickets, and every other kind of ticket dismissed outright (or at the very least keep your driving record clean).

Why Read a Blog by Seattle Traffic Lawyers?

Good question. Here’s why.

First, we’re not just going to toot our own horns here and tell you about all of the cases we win. We’re actually going to give you great tips and tricks so you can beat a speeding ticket on your own if you want.

Second, we’re going to answer all of the questions you might have about your speeding ticket right here. We’ve been around the block a couple of times. We’ve defended hundreds (and we’re approaching thousands) of traffic tickets. We know what questions you have. We want to save your time and make your life easier by answering them right here.

If You’ve got a Speeding Ticket, What are You Waiting for?

Call today and check us out – 206.651.4245.

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