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In this episode of the podcast I talk about what to do when you get a speeding ticket (or other moving violation while you have a deferral pending.


00:20 – Definition of deferred traffic ticket.

01:15 – What you should do if you get a new speeding ticket while on deferral.

01:45 – What a traffic attorney can do for you in this situation.

02:04 – One strategy we use to help you win your deferral AND your new speeding ticket.

Getting a Speeding Ticket While a Deferral is Pending Brings Double Trouble

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The deferral is supposed to be used as a last resort (I know we typically do everything we can to avoid using deferrals for our clients). You can only use one every seven years, and you are basically making a deal with the court where you automatically lose if you find yourself in front of a cop that wants to be a jerk and write you a speeding ticket for 5 miles over the limit.

Today we’re talking about some strategies you can use if you find yourself in that precarious position of getting a new traffic ticket while you have a deferral pending. There are some things that can be done to both beat the new ticket and keep the deferral with the old ticket, but you’ve got to know what you’re doing.

In this Episode I Talk About:

  • What a deferred ticket actually is;
  • Why getting a new speeding ticket while a deferral is pending is double the trouble;
  • Some strategies we use to win both the deferral AND the new ticket; and
  • Much much more!

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