In this episode of The Ultimate Traffic Lawyer Podcast I talk why it’s important to hire a traffic lawyer even if you know the court is a tough one to beat a speeding ticket in.

Last week we helped someone with a traffic ticket in a court that is notoriously tough (at least notoriously tough to us). Although we ended up with a successful defense of the ticket, the client was unhappy because we had to exercise his deferral.

That wasn’t the part that led to this podcast. The part that led to this podcast was the client’s insinuation that we’d been less than up front with him about the ticket.

Basically the client was unhappy because he thought we just went in and did the same thing they could have done. He wondered why he should even hire a traffic lawyer if the court was tough to win in.

That feeling sparked this episode, because I think it’s an important question for anyone out there considering hiring a traffic attorney. It’s important because if you make a hasty decision and don’t think the decision all the way through there is a decent chance you could regret that decision for years to come.

In this Episode I Talk About:

  • Our successes for the week;

  • A new resource we’ve got available for people that want to fight their tickets on their own;

  • Why hiring a traffic lawyer is important especially when you are in a tough court; and

  • Much much more!

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Items Mentioned in this podcast:

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