In this episode of The Ultimate Traffic Lawyer Podcast I talk about why paying your speeding ticket is a bad idea.


00:24 – How paying a speeding ticket can hit you right in the wallet.

00:40 – How a speeding ticket can follow you around for 3 years.

01:18 – How you can save money without hiring a Seattle speeding ticket lawyer.

02:10 – How to get the upper hand on the cops when they give you a ticket.

Just Say No to Paying Your Speeding Ticket

seattle traffic attorney

Getting a speeding ticket can be one of the most frustrating experiences ever. First, you’ve got the fact that your insurance rates are likely to go up. Second, you’ve got the time and money you are going to have to waste fighting the ticket. And third, you’ve got the knowledge that there are hundreds of people out there every day doing exactly what you did without any punishment.

Sometimes those thoughts can make you just want to give up and give in and pay the ticket. I’m going to try to convince you today why you should fight every single speeding ticket you get (even if you don’t hire a traffic lawyer like myself to help you).

In this Episode I Talk About:

  • The reality of getting a speeding ticket;

  • How long a moving violation stays on your record;

  • Why paying your speeding ticket is a terrible idea; and

  • Much much more!

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