I got a call from a client today that told me some interesting information so I thought I’d share it with you here on the blog. It has to do with non-moving violations and their effect on your car insurance premiums.

It also has to do with the idea of talking to your car insurance company when you get a traffic ticket. Though I’ve already talked about non-moving violations and their effect on your driving record here, this is a bit of a different take so I wanted to make sure I talked about it.

The person I talked to has been a client of ours a couple of times. He’s needed a traffic attorney to help him out of several jams including speeding and failing to use a turn signal. We were happy to oblige.

How Moving Violations Can Affect Your Car Insurance

A couple of weeks ago, though, he got hit with a failure to wear a seat belt ticket. When he called us, we told him, as any legitimate traffic lawyer would, that a failure to wear a seat belt ticket is a non-moving violation and he should handle it on his own. The idea being that because it is a non-moving violation even if he lost it would not be reported to the Washington Department of Licensing so it shouldn’t affect his insurance premiums (it won’t be counted as a mark on his driving record from the WA DOL).

The reason our client was calling back, though, was that he’d talked to his car insurance company and they’d told him a ticket like that, which showed up for them, would count as a moving violation and they’d increase his insurance premiums by $50 a month! Even though that’s not the norm, I had to believe him. I mean, he said he’d just talked to his insurance company.

Our Advice for Dealing with Non-Moving Violations

When he told us that I immediately thought of two possibilities for him, in addition to what I’d already told him. These were ways that we could help him (and could probably help you too if you ever found yourself in this situation). The suggestions for dealing with a non-moving traffic ticket that would affect your car insurance were:

  1. Hire a traffic lawyer to try to beat it outright for you; or
  2. Hire a traffic attorney to go in and negotiate it to something that wouldn’t be deemed to be a problem for your insurance company (expired tabs, broken license plate light come to mind)

In either of those cases you’d be able to beat the ticket and beat the insurance company. Success!

At the end of the day, no matter what your traffic problem, we can probably help you out. That’s what we do – we solve problems for our clients. Oh yeah, and we beat traffic tickets all day every day. We like winning, and we want you to be a part of that.

If you are having problems with your car insurance company, give us a call. While we can’t make your insurance carrier change their policies, we might be able to work around them.