This is another post in my series of frequently asked speeding ticket and traffic ticket questions. The idea here, as always, is to help you out whether or not you decide you’d like us to be your traffic lawyer.

Sometimes you just want a question answered.

Can I Still Fight My Speeding Ticket if I Paid It?

We get this question quite often. Someone gets a speeding ticket or some other traffic ticket, doesn’t have any tickets on their record or isn’t too worried about it affecting their insurance rates, and then all of a sudden they get their next insurance premium quote and it’s skyrocketed.

Yes, one speeding ticket can increase your insurance premiums.

Once they get their insurance bill they decide it may have been worth it to spend the $250 to fight it and they call us to see if we’ll be their Seattle traffic lawyer.

Sadly, most of the time the answer is no. One of the things you do when you when you check that first box and pay your speeding ticket is you admit to committing the infraction. That right there kind of closes everything up.

If you really wanted us to try to open it up we could, but the chances of success are near zero.

One Scenario Where Paying Won’t Prevent You From Fighting Your Traffic Ticket

There is one scenario, however, where you can actually still fight your traffic ticket, even if you’ve paid it.

This scenario goes down kind of like this: you get a ticket but you forgot to pay it or you forgot to send in your ticket or you missed your court date or something happened and the court entered a finding that you failed to appear or failed to turn in your ticket and then found that you committed the infraction.

Most people find out about these charges because they get a notice from the department of licensing that their driver’s license is going to be suspended. The only way to release that suspension is to pay the amount owed.

In this case, although you’ve paid your ticket you can still fight it. You can ask the court to open up your case and rehear it. The process for this is called a motion to show cause, and we do it quite often.

If you’re reading this article and you fall into the first category of traffic ticket payer, then I’m sorry and I hope you think about us the next time you get a traffic ticket.

If you’re reading this and you fall into the second category, please call us today – 206.651.4245 – so we can talk to you about how we can help you out. You don’t want to fall into the first category by simply paying your ticket and then seeing high insurance premiums.