As a Seattle speeding ticket attorney I must admit that this area of the law is not necessarily rocket science. There are a few hard and fast rules one should to know to work in the sphere of traffic law, and after that, you are only as good as your imagination allows you to be.

But, with that being said, I realize that unless you are a Seattle traffic ticket lawyer you probably don’t know the basics of Washington traffic law. Well, today is your lucky day because I’m going to give you a little information. I’ll ask some questions and provide some answers.

Why Isn’t a Seattle Traffic Attorney Appointed for My Seattle Speeding Ticket?

You aren’t entitled to a traffic lawyer because technically you aren’t charged with a crime. Technically, you are charged with an “infraction” which is a kind of civil fine. This was done several years ago in an attempt to unclog the courts and reduce the burden of having to supply criminal defense attorneys to those who couldn’t afford one.

Your speeding ticket is an infraction because there is only a monetary penalty – no jail time is possible. Thus, no need to appoint a speeding ticket lawyer.

Is There a Statute of Limitations on my Seattle Speeding Ticket?

Not specifically. Because Seattle traffic infractions are classified as civil infractions, it is likely that the statute of limitations falls under the guise of civil rules.

The civil rules of procedure provide that the statute of limitations for all actions not specifically given a statute of limitation is two years. Because of this, it is likely that two years is the statute of limitations for a Seattle speeding ticket – but that full time is very rarely used.

Plus, because there are filing deadlines with traffic tickets, the true statute of limitations is reduced to 5 business days for all intents and purposes. (see below for more information)

Is There Really a Rule that My Seattle Traffic Ticket Must be Filed with the Court in a Set Amount of Time?

Yes. The notice of infraction, what you call a speeding ticket, must be filed within five business days of issuance of the ticket (weekends and holidays are excluded). If this is not done, your traffic attorney can file a motion to dismiss and the court will grant the motion.

If I Contest the Ticket, Will My Fine Be Higher?

No. The court will not punish you for making the prosecutor prove his case. That is why we recommend contesting every traffic ticket. You really have nothing to lose. And chances are if you make a good case, or hire a good traffic lawyer to handle your case, the judge will at least reduce your fine.

And, many times if you get a traffic ticket lawyer they can get the charges reduced or dismissed, so it doesn’t even show up on your record. Bottom line, only suckers pay their traffic tickets without contesting the hearing.

Okay, that’s enough for now. Hope you have a little better understanding of Seattle traffic law so you can navigate your way through those muddy waters. And remember, if you want a traffic lawyer, give us a call. We’d love to help you.

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