Get a speeding ticket and feel like you’ve got no chance to beat it because the cop caught you by using a radar gun? That may not be the case. Read below for a tip on how to beat a speeding ticket by making sure the radar gun certification is correct.


    0:30 #1 reason people get stopped for speeding

    0:39 What to do if you get a speeding ticket

    0:45 One thing a traffic attorney always checks when fighting a speeding ticket

    0:55 Why radar gun certification is important in your speeding ticket case

    1:10 Requirements to admit radar gun readings into evidence

A Bad Radar Gun Certification Can Invalidate the Reading

Cop with radar gun

Speed measuring devices (radar guns, laser guns, etc.) are used by cops every day. We all know about them. And they are responsible for the issuance of thousands of speeding tickets.

But, the same use of these radar guns is also the reason many traffic tickets are dismissed every year.

Speed measuring devices are considered to be scientific instruments by the courts. Because of that, the prosecutor has to present some very specific information to the court for the court to accept the results as valid.

Knowing what that stuff is the prosecutor has to present is how you can beat this ticket.

One of the things the prosecutor has to demonstrate (and the topic of the video) is that the officer checked the calibration of the radar gun before and after his shift. They have to do this to ensure the speed measuring device was working properly during the shift.

If he forgets to do that, or forgets to note that in his report, you’ve got a great argument for dismissal of your speeding ticket.

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