Disclaimer: Yes, we get traffic tickets dismissed. We get A LOT of traffic tickets dismissed. But just because we got someone else’s speeding ticket dismissed does not necessarily mean we can do the same for you. Every case is different.

This Guy is Good!

This guy is good! So far I have had 2 tickets, 3 violations washed! Chris is professional, courteous and to the point. I highly recommend anyone who has a violation to use Emerald City Law Group to handle their business. This guy is 5 stars for sure, and like the description “As good as it gets!”

My Ticket Was Dismissed!

I live in Chicago and got a ticket because we were late for whale watching. I found a firm on the net that seemed to charge only $75 to handle my case. I called them and they seemed OK. It sounded a little too good to be true so I did a little more research. I found out that all they did was write a letter. They don’t even go to court. After reading Christopher’s blog piece, I decided to go with Emerald City Law Group. They took the reins and I didn’t have to do anything else. Kate kept me informed as to what the possible outcomes were and then what was going to happen and when. On the day of the hearing I got an email informing me that my ticket was dismissed! You want someone to go to court for you. Emerald City Law Group did. I hope I don’t get another ticket in Seattle, but if I do, I’ll use Emerald City Law Group.

Fast, Professional, and Friendly.

I have enlisted the services of Emerald City Law Group more times than I care to admit. Kate is fast, professional, friendly, and keeps me informed every step of the way. Chris is truly the Ticket King! They are the best, and I would tell anyone who is looking for help with traffic violations that they need look no further. My favorite emails ever are the ones from Kate that begin, “I have great news…”

Ticket Reduced!

I didn’t have a lot of hope for my HOV ticket, but I decided to reach out to a traffic lawyer. Christopher’s team was helpful and responded effectively to all of my questions. They kept me updated on the entire process. And in the end, my ticket was reduced and my record remains clean!

– Jordan

Traffic Ticket DEFEATED!

This is the second time I’ve used Emerald City Law Group to defeat a traffic ticket. I can’t say enough about Chris Small and his professional and courteous team. Easy to contact, sent all the documents and info through email, and one month later the ticket is gone! Can’t recommend him highly enough!

– Chris

Best defense in town!

These guys took what I thought was a losing battle on my own and got me a dismissal with nothing on my record. Lots of information along the way and I had to do nothing on my end. Totally awesome and would recommend to anyone with any sort of traffic infraction facing increased insurance charges or worse.

– Chad

Highly recommended.

Thank you very much for your support and the excellent communication you provided from start to finish. At every point in the process of handling my ticket, I felt like you were communicating as if my case was the only matter you had pending, and it was very very much appreciated (especially since I am confident you carry a very sizeable caseload at any given time).

– Speeding Ticket client

Highly recommended!

I would highly recommend Emerald City Law Group! Their fee is very competitive and their communication and service is even better (thanks Audrey!). Everything can be organized through email, so it is quick and convenient.

– Raymond C.

Exceptional Service and Results!

While visiting Seattle I received a moving violation of 10 MPH over the posted speed limit. 65 in a 55. Yes, I was going slightly slower than the rest of the traffic on I-5. After some research, I chose Emerald City Law Group. Exceptional service and results! Kate was very professional and kept me well informed. Very proactive. I highly recommend CMS! Thank you, Kate!

– Ben D.

Straight Up, No Surprises.

Erika & Audrey came through again!
I had an additional ticket to deal with (when it rains it pours)! Different jurisdiction, but again, Erika did her magic and took care of my ticket, which was dismissed. I have dealt with all types of attorneys in the past, but honestly, Erika has been the best to deal with, just straight up, no surprises. Thanks Erika! I hope I don’t have to use your services anymore, but if I do, I know where to go….God Bless!

– Mommy R.

I Recommend them 100%.

Kelsey and the folks at Emerald City Law Group did all the work and got my ticket dismissed–preserving my perfect record and low insurance rates! Very professional and prompt service–I recommend them 100%.

– Jaime H.

My Car Insurance Company is None the Wiser!

I had a speeding ticket from Labor Day Weekend (one of the many I’m sure that were issued that weekend). I did some research online and decided on Emerald City Law Group. Chris was professional and responsive. My ticket was dismissed, I didn’t have to go to court, and my car insurance company is none the wiser.

– Crystal Y.

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