I’ve decided that I’m going to stop talking about what great Seattle traffic lawyers we are (because I think I’ve already made my case and you probably already know that) and I’m going to instead focus on helping you out with your immediate needs.

I’m going to start posting the answers to the most frequently asked questions I get. I want to provide this information to all of you so if you decide you don’t want our help you can at least have your question answered. And, after reading, if you do want our help I hope you call.

Should You Get a Traffic Attorney for Your First Speeding Ticket?

I get this question a ton, and I think it’s a very important question, that’s why I’m starting this series off with it.

Typically the question goes something like:

I got a speeding ticket for going 85 in a 60. I’ve never received a speeding ticket before and I was speeding. Should I hire someone to help me fight it?

The answer for me, in most cases is, “it depends.” Here are the things I want people to think about before making a decision like that.

Even One Speeding Ticket Can Affect Your Car Insurance Rates

Because of the line of work I’m in, I have a lot of connections with car insurance companies and adjusters. Every time I meet someone new I always ask them their opinion on a rate increase with even on speeding ticket on their record.

Across the board I get the same response: “even one ticket can increase your car insurance rates.

This is important information to take into account because that ticket will stay on your record for 3 years. That means if the ticket gets you a $10 a month hike in premiums the ticket is going to cost you an extra $360 over the life of the ticket!

If You Don’t Want to Hire a Traffic Lawyer to Help, You Should Still Take Care of It

There is another option to hiring a traffic attorney, and this option is often used by people that have little or no traffic history. It’s called a deferral. With a deferral you make an agreement with the court – you agree to get no more infractions for a year and they agree to dismiss the infraction once the year is up.

There is typically a $125 to $175 fee involved with a deferral, and you can only use a deferral once every 7 years so you need to keep that in mind.

At the end of the day, it’s important to know that even one traffic ticket can affect your insurance rates. Don’t take them lightly. Fight them. Your pocket book will appreciate it.

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